Orchestras want to explore theatre and these works ask more of an orchestra than is traditional. They are not theatrical presentations of orchestras but works that have that aspect built into them. Although it was not possible for its premiere with Tasmin Little and the London Mozart players, this work was designed for two orchestras – a chamber orchestra in two halves, dressed and spaced differently on-stage. Behind them and raised is a tall bass drum, and in front is the solo violin. I prefer it to be thought of as a concerto for violin and bass drum, each with their own orchestra. QIQI was a commission from an orchestra and a theatre company. The Orquesta del Estado de México collaborated with the Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes for a work that combined 5 actors, a dancer and a choir alongside a full symphony orchestra. It is designed to be performed in any country without subtitles or programme notes, and for the young of all ages.


for orchestra, five actors and dancer

2020   50'   details Composers Edition


a concerto for piano and strings

2014   12'   details Composers Edition

Concerto for Violin, Bass Drum and Orchestra

1996   20'   available from composer

Suite for Strings: La Malinche

music for strings

1995   14'   available from composer

Three Songs for Sylvia

for solo soprano and orchestra

1994   17'   details Composers Edition

The Voyage

1992   10'   available from composer

Harlequin Concerto

1988   20'   available from composer