This category has no singers but is more than instrumental theatre. Of Zoë and the Woman I Sing is contemporary melodrama: Zoë Lister along with her on-screen avator in a challenging triangle with the pianist; My Voice and Me is equally tech-based and combines a voice associated with Stephen Hawkins performed by a 1983 Dec Talk DTC 01 Speech Synthesiser live on stage as an opera singer. Musical Moments combines the clown Gorgonio with pianist Stephen Coombs; These works could all be performed equally in a concert of a theatre space, and these works have been performed at King’s Place and Riverside Theatre (Tête à Tête Festival).


for orchestra, five actors and dancer


Of Zoe and the Woman I Sing

A melodrama for actress Zoe Lister, her avatar and pianist.


Six Musical Moments for Pianist and Clown

Music theatre for clown and pianist


My Voice and Me

Radio Play for actor and voice synthesis


Reach for You

A musical two-hander for singers of any gender


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