El Gallo

an opera for actors without text

Through theatre, music and movement, El Gallo tells the story of the many ups and downs faced by a director-composer and a group of singers who want to stage a play for a vocal ensemble competition in only two weeks.

The time factor, plus the different origins and capacities of the interpreters lead them to convergences and confrontations expressed in a tense atmosphere which pushed to the limits, wl untie the most unsuspecting situations in which the most superficial yearnings will reveal together with the deepest and most exotic ones. El Gallo is a story of hte confrontation between wishes and visions. It speaks about how blind we can be to a present loaded with richness and diversity, when moved by the ambition of specific goals.

Other notes

Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, Claudio Valdés Kuri, Director, Festival de México en el Centro Historico, March 2009.

Performed over 100 times internationally: Chicago, Seattle, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and the UK. Recorded for CD on Quindecim.

The Music

6 actors, 2 string quartets

Composed 2009

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