Instrumental chamber ensembles often want to present something outside the bounds of a traditional concert. Joan Lluna asked for a clarinet quintet with The Brodsky Quartet which goes beyond a normal concert. The 40 minute work requires memorising by the players and is directed like a stage show, within an especially commissioned set, and elaborates a story about the survival of music in the war of Sarajevo in the 1990s. Stone Song, Stone Dance was commissioned by Tambuco who have played it probably hundreds of times all over the world. They asked for something that would not take them hours setting up instruments on stage, which they spend much time doing. It is written for stones, smooth ones which may be found in a river. These works are all instrumental but involve forms and explorations of theatre, commissioned specifically for them.

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Music Theatre for Viol da Gamba, Cello and Flute


Stone Song, Stone Dance

for four percussionists (stones and temple bells)


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