Paul Alan Barker, Composer

Dirty Tricks
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Dirty Tricks

chamber opera

for six baritones, soprano and electric bass guitar

Premiere 1997: Modern Music Theatre Troupe, dtricks.gif

Directed by Chris Newell

At Spitalfields Market Opera, London

Libretto by Stephen Chance drawing on data relating to British Airways vs. Virgin Atlantic

Conducted by the composer


"This was brilliant and very funny....well worth seeing." Helen Elsom, OPERA-L "It seems the pantomime season has begun early this year..." British Airways

Aria: She SIngs and Comforts Them

Sing once upon a time I had a dream,
A lullaby upon an airy stream:
The oceans glistened with a fairy gleam,
For all the clouds were made of dairy cream.

The Last Word


Everybody wants to come across.
Everybody wants their message heard.
No one wants their voice to be lost.
Everybody wants the last word.

Everyone wants their opinion noted.
Everyone wants their idea preferred.
No one wants their plan to be out-voted.
Everybody wants the last word.

Everybody wants to be the greatest.
Everybody wants to lead the herd.
Everybody wants to stay out latest.
Everybody wants  the last word.

Everybody wants to tell their story.
Everybody wants to share their lot.
Everybody wants to air their glory.
Everybody wants the parting shot.

(They all shoot each other)