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Musical Moments for Pianist and Clown
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Photo by Claire Shovelton

Musical Moments for Pianist and Clown

music theatre for clown and pianist (2013)


London Premiere: Tête-aTête Festival; Riverside Studios; 
August 3rd and 4th, 2013


Marcelo Beré (Gorgonio) and Alban Coombs

Notes and SmilesTwoClowns/albanmarcello3.jpg


Clowns are honest

They confront us with their honesty

They look at us

We look at them

They see us looking at them

Do we see them looking at us?

They have the gift of unawareness

that can only be found through the most intense awareness

They show us awareness

Three Musical Moments for Clown and Pianist

is a series of six pieces

that should be performed by a clown and a pianist



The pieces perform relationships between the clown, the pianist, the audience and the piano

The clown is the chorus

We hear the music through watching the clown

We see the clown through hearing the music

The clown is in dialogue with the pianist, the piano and the audience

The piano is outside the pianist: the pianist becomes the piano;

The clown is.

The clown finds the pianist inside him;

The pianist finds the clown inside him;

The audience take them home afterwards.


The music provides a frame in which this might happen…

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