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listed in reverse chronological order


 The Winter's Tale


 Of Zoe and the Woman I Sing for actor, avatar and pianist

Musical Moments for Pianist and Clown music theatre for clown and pianist

My Voice and Me music theatre for pianist, soprano and speech synthesis

Hello, Mr Darwin! opera for young performers

Sigrun’s Fire musical with Stephen Clark

El Gallo opera for 6 actors, 2 string quartets without text

Songs Between Words aka Antes del Principio a cappella wordless opera

Nye Tand, Eh? a cappella wordless opera

The Mechanical Operation Of The Spirit experimental online opera

Stone Angels opera performed by young people for adults

Dirty Tricks chamber opera for six baritones, soprano and electric bass guitar

The Sorceress' Tale Prologue to Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas

Prologue to La Malinche opera after historical event

The Sirens and the Sea Dramatic cantata for 30 female voices

Albergo Empedocles chamber opera after E.M. Forster

La Malinche opera after historical event

The Pillow Song chamber opera after Sei Shonagan

Phantastes opera after George Macdonald

The Canterville Ghost musical after Oscar Wilde

The Marriages Between Zones 3,4 & 5 opera after Doris Lessing


Sigrun's Fire, 2011